Meet Hemler

Meet Hemler




Hemler Mauricette is an internationally acclaimed, self-taught artist who is based in Orlando, Florida.  Hemler’s affinity for art began in his teen years.  His earliest illustrations were produced at the age of nine and at the age of sixteen he embarked on his professional career .  After experiencing the 2010 Haiti earthquake which was a catastrophic magnitude 7.0, a determination would emerge in Hemler to leave his mark on the world through his art.  By using a combination of surrealism and expressionism, Hemler demonstrates the realities of life in his beloved birthplace of Haiti along with his current home in the U.S. “Nature and life’s experiences have facilitated my art education,” claims Hemler. “My work is a poetic expression of the daily struggles of the people.” Hemler’s art juxtapose the radiant spirits of his subjects to their unfavorable circumstances. 


Hemler’s works have been showcased worldwide including art fairs and venues in Mexico, Chili, France, Spain, Haiti, and the United States.  In 2018, Hemler’s work was selected to be displayed at one of the nation’s largest airports, the Orlando International Airport.   Local praise and recognition continue in The City Beautiful. Mauricette also has a permanent exhibit at Bronze Kingdom, African Art Gallery which has been named by Orlando Magazine as 2019’s Best of Orlando.


Hemler’s mission is to unapologetically manifest his aspirations to influence young artists.  By teaching youth how to positively express themselves as individuals, Mauricette believes they will better understand there are no limits to what they can accomplish in our infinite Universe.  Hemler’s dedication to his craft can be summed up in his artist’s statement, “Through myself I find art and through art I find myself more, which gives me a deeper perspective about the person I am today and am becoming.” His art embodies an eternal optimism which he also holds for the future of the planet.

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In 2020 , I launched the first annual 

I AM ENOUGH children's art contest.

Eighteen talented young artists participated

and the results were astounding.

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